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Syzygy® Space For Teams

The Syzygy Space For Teams Program

Results are achieved by teams with a common purpose, NOT by individuals  operating alone. Organisations that formally support workplace learning  better align with a common purpose.

Workplace learning taps into 90%  of how people learn and is more effective than instructor led learning. Syzygy® Space For Teams helps organisations create a workplace where people learn, do & achieve together in real-time. This means your organisation can:

  • Attract, retain and develop active learners and innovators
  • Foster daily and ongoing people performance improvement
  • Evolve from individual training to continuous team-based learning
  • Build capabilities, collaboration & communities with a common purpose

Program Guarantee

We guarantee that if your team follows the Syzygy® methodology and our recommendations, we will continue to work with your team for as long as it takes to achieve their goal – all for only our fixed fee.

Program Founder

Lori Figueiredo

Founder Syzygy®

Organisational & People Transformation
Lori is a global learning strategist whose custom-designed solutions enhance individual, team and organizational performance. Her specialization is designing and embedding frameworks and tools for people to improve their capabilities, behaviours and results every day. Her background is an honours in Developmental Psychology and ongoing applied research while collaborating with clients’ Teams to enable change.

Since 1988 Lori continues to evolve Syzygy®, an approach to build capabilities, collaboration and communities. She is an early adopter of the latest technology, using platforms which allow organisations to build their own smart phone coaching apps. This enables people individually and collectively to learn every day in teams, real life and real time.

Proven Track Record
She has partnered with leading organisations that need positive behaviour change to be strategic, scalable and sustainable. The Syzygy® Approach has been applied for over 28 years, in 30 leading organisations, 12 industries across 70 countries.

Syzygy® Clients



Andrew Sidwell

Senior Vice President, DBS Improvement Program
Through this approach, our workplace teams are demonstrating a level of sufficiency in implementing improvement ideas previously not attained through training programs alone.

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