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Result Focused

The Capacity Specialists knows that you want positive results when you invest in your people. Our customized programs are designed to change behavior, mindsets and achieve clear and measurable results over a 2 to 3 month period.

Innovative Learning

The way in which people work and learn has changed. Your people have less time but must deliver more. People want to learn on-demand and just-in-time. The Capacity Specialists is a market leader in providing innovative programs that match the needs of clients and participants.

Guaranteed Solutions

The Capacity Specialists is confident it can deliver results. So confident that we are willing to stake our reputation on it! All our programs come with a guarantee to give our clients comfort that they will see positive results from their investment.

We Offer

Learning Solutions

Premium In-House Program Powered by Syzygy® Space

Organisations today are demanding better results from their trainings. They want to see behavior change in their people with the aim of improving productivity and performance. The Capacity Specialists understands this and has developed a unique and innovative training program incorporating the proven Syzygy® Space methodology. The Premium In-House Program powered by Syzygy® Space provides your employees with key skills and knowledge and then supports them to use these to improve their performance in the workplace.

Ensures training leads to positive behaviour change!

Syzygy® Space For Teams

Results are achieved by Teams with a common purpose; NOT Individuals operating alone. Organisations that formally support workplace learning engage, align & empower teams to learn, adapt and improve every day towards achieving a common purpose. Workplace learning taps into 90% of how people learn and therefore is many times more effective than instructor led learning.

Improve Your Teams’ Performance

The Six ‘I’s of Innovation®

Organisations see the need to make innovation part of their DNA & culture. This means innovative mindsets and behaviors need to be part of everyday working life. We work with organisations to help increase their productivity and profitability by creating new products and services and building innovation skills, processes and capabilities.

Build a culture of Innovation!

Core Empowerment

Your employees have the power to achieve greatness in every aspect of their life and positively affect people around them, their colleagues, subordinates and even managers. This program will help your employees identify ways to transform themselves.

Empower your teams to show their true potential with Core Empowerment

Employee Engagement Program

Employee engagement is the key to driving better performance. An engaged team means they are more willing to do more to achieve the goals of the team. But how do you better engage your teams? The Employee Engagement program will help your managers and supervisors to understand what it takes to engage their teams and to give them the skills and tools to do this effectively.

Learn to better engage your teams for greater performance.

Advanced Excel

Employees around the world use Excel – every day – in a simple capacity, but not many people use its advanced features. Improving your Excel skills can better your overall effectiveness and efficiency at work. Often the most beneficial tools are those that are simple and rarely used because users have never been brave enough to try clicking on new buttons.

Participants on this program will learn tools only used by 1 percent of Excel users worldwide.

Syzygy® Learning Journeys

Successful organisations are moving away from classroom learning to include continuous and informal learning in the workplace. How can you as an organisation support this ongoing learning effectively?

Improve people’s performance to improve organizational performance through more effective Learning & Development

Focused Coaching for Impact

Are you looking for a new solution to grow your people that is faster, more effective and better value for money?

Designed for small organisations who still need their employees to learn and improve.

Other Services

As well as our programs, The Capacity Specialists offers other shorter services. These services are designed to give participants new concepts and knowledge on the understanding that they will receive support from their manager to apply the learnings.

Discover more

Employee Wellness Program

Employee wellness helps your employees to maintain healthy behaviours, energy levels and a positive work/life balance, leading to better productivity, less sick leave and higher morale.

Keep your employees healthy, happy, and productive

Virtual Learning Services

Support your employees to learn no matter where they are located and how much time they have.

Improve flexibility, reduce costs of your learning delivery

Premium In-House Program powered by Syzygy® Space
Syzygy® Space for Teams
The Six ‘I’s of Innovation®
Core Empowerment™
Employee Engagement Program
Advanced Excel Program
Syzygy® Learning Journeys
Focused Coaching for Impact
Other Services
Employee Wellness Program
Virtual Learning Services

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About Us

The Capacity Specialists is an innovative learning & development services provider offering proven programs designed to change behavior, improve people performance and drive organisational performance.

The Capacity Specialists has operated in Cambodia since 2010 and can assist clients in all 21st century workplace skills.



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Mr Fernando de Castro Pastor

People and OD Manager, Cambodia Brewery Limited
We’ve been working with Gabriel and The Capacity Specialists team for quite a while already. Since the beginning the level of customer orientation and focus on our specific needs have been very impressive. After spending some time learning about our organizational and business challenges, they were able not only to come up with few training initiatives that helped us in the short term but also contributed to our strategic discussions on how to build the capabilities for the future (e.g. innovation culture). From a client perspective, this is a real adding value service which has definitively strengthen our partnership. Moreover their learning philosophy (70/20/10) which stresses the importance of on-the-job learning, it’s fully aligned with our own. This together with the large pool of experienced trainers on offer give us full confidence on their services and make us consider The Capacity Specialists as a true business partner in our efforts in developing the capabilities of our people.

Mr Teng Koytry

Assistant Manager, Chip Mong Academy
The Capacity Specialists has a very well-connected network with highly qualified trainers from overseas. A few trainers to whom I have been introduced are among the prominent ones in their respective field of expertise. In addition, Mr. Gabriel’s very understanding and accommodating working approach allow us to develop a healthy working relationship with TCS. These are undeniably TCS’s unique selling propositions which make it stand out.

Mr. Thomas Thiebault

Chief Financial Officer, Europ Continents
The Capacity Specialists is a supportive and reliable partner that helps us, providing tailor made trainings to our staff to get immediate and sustainable benefits.

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Six 'I's of Innovation®

Discover how the Six ‘I’s of Innovation® is enabling organisations in Cambodia to create value from new ideas.

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