How We Work

The Capacity Specialists is a Learning & Performance Consultancy, which means we offer more than only short-term training. We guarantee results and are focused on achieving more impact with learning, to improve people performance.

To help you understand how we work, we have created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Read on and you can improve your understanding of how to achieve better results from your learning & development budget.

1. How does The Capacity Specialists measure results from its services?

We measure our results using the Kirkpatrick Model, a well-known model that measures the results from learning activities according to 4 levels:

  • Level 1 – Reaction – was the learner satisfied with the experience
  • Level 2 – Learning – did the learner gain some new knowledge
  • Level 3 – Behaviour – did the learner change their behaviour after returning to the workplace
  • Level 4 – Results – did the organisation improve its results after the learning activity


2. What is the difference between training and learning?

We as humans learn in different ways. The Capacity Specialists bases its methodology on the 70:20:10 Learning Model (also known as the 3 ‘E’s):

  • 70% of how we learn is through Experience (learning on-the-job)
  • 20% is through Exposure (learning from peers)
  • 10% is through Education (learning in a classroom or online)

Training is therefore only 10% of how we learn. The Capacity Specialists supports clients in 100% of how their people learn, therefore leading to better results (we guarantee Level 3 and Level 4 results according to the Kirkpatrick Model)


3. What should my people be learning to be most effective in the workplace?

The world has changed over the past 20 years and so too has what people in the workplace need to learn. The key success factors in the workplace are now IQ, EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and AQ (Adaptability – the ability to learn and change).

The Capacity Specialists has also developed a Workplace Skills & Behaviours Framework which is based on our own research and that of the World Economic Forum and McKinsey & Company. This framework details the skills and behaviours needed to be successful in today’s challenging workplace. Contact us to learn about our Framework.


4. How does The Capacity Specialists’ guarantee its programs?

The Capacity Specialists knows that its clients want the best results possible and positive return on investment when they invest in developing their people. Therefore we are happy to put our reputation on the line and deliver results.

The majority of our programs, which run over 3 months and focus on 100% of how people learn, offer guaranteed Level 3 (behaviour change) or Level 4 (improved performance) results. If we do not deliver these results in 3 months, we either keep working with you for no additional cost until we do or we only charge you half our fee!


5. What are some of the new trends in learning that my organisation should be aware of?

Technology and the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution has led to an increase in the speed of change in the workplace. Organisations are struggling to close the gaps with technology and people performance. This has created a skills gap within organisations which needs to be filled as quickly as possible.

The Learning space has not been left out of these changes. We all know about the move to e-learning and virtual learning which has accelerated over the past year, due to the move to remote working. There are also other trends your organisation and L&D teams may not be aware of.

In a Forbes article dated 23 December 2020, 5 Learning and Development Trends To Watch for in 2021, 5 key trends were highlighted.

  1. Rapid Reskilling – change is rapid in the workplace so agile learning is the new norm – focus on speed, flexibility & collaboration
  2. Performance over Skills – impact is now the goal for learning initiatives: how can they improve organisational performance
  3. Corporate Learning is Everyday – learning in the workplace during every day work will signal the end of planned learning sessions
  4. Integrating Virtual with Digital – learning online needs to be social and impactful – blending is the key
  5. Learning Designed by Data – data driven insights will lead to learning solutions that actively engage and tap into tacit knowledge

The Capacity Specialists has already aligned its services to most of these trends, to make sure we are supporting organisations to fill their skills gaps as fast as possible and make sure their people are adaptable and ready to perform.


6. Is Online Learning engaging and effective?

Many organisations and learners believe that offline (face-to-face) is more engaging and impactful. This is only half true because offline is limited by many things that online is not.

Virtually Facilitated Learning can be engaging because the instructor is trained to engage and interact with participant the same way a radio deejay can, through the use of psychological tools such as:

  • Hypnotic tones of voice
  • Learning path of Awareness, Knowledge, Commitment, Skills
  • Use of Stories, Analogies and partnered discussions
  • Small assignments between sessions

Contact us to learn more tips on how to make Online Learning effective


7. What are the Benefits of Virtually Facilitated Learning?



  • Introverted participants are scared to ask questions in the group during the session
  • Participants might not remember what the instructor taught during the session and depend only on their notes
  • Participants are limited by having only the workbook during the session
  • Group activities are done because there is limited time for the instructor to check their work. Therefore, weaker participants who don’t understand go on undetected.
  • Learning is delivered in 1 or 2 days straight, which can test the capacity and attention spans of some participants
  • Face-to-face learning is very expensive, requiring venue, refreshment, travel and printing costs
  • Introverted participants can ask the instructor privately via a private chat function while the session is running
  • Participants can re-watch the recordings and ask the instructor questions in group chats (WhatsApp or Telegram)
  • Participants can do further reading online as part of the session
  • Individual activities can be checked by the instructor between online sessions and give an idea of the participant’s competency level
  • Learning is delivered in bite-sized and practical content which allows for less of the workday impacted.
  • Cost savings are significant as no venue is required, participants are not required to travel and materials are all electronic.
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