professional learning facilitator

Professional Learning Facilitator (PLF)

Build Learning Facilitators who can deliver engaging & effective trainings

One of the most challenging aspects of classroom training is making the delivery engaging. Participants are more demanding, have less time and are harsher critics.

The Capacity Specialists now offers the Professional Learning Facilitator (PLF) program, which develops people to understand experiential learning and to be learning facilitators. This is proven to be more effective in engaging today’s employees.

PLF is based on the Take Charge! Learning Facilitator System which is built upon strong Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, public speaking, marketing and branding principles.


The Professional Learning Facilitator (PLF) is a workshop that imparts the ability to be an efficient and effective presenter, trainer, teacher, coach and facilitator by delivering confidently, engaging with and managing challenging audiences and aiming for specific learning.

The Take Charge! Learning Facilitator System® (MASTERY) certification is an optional next step for participants who would like to seal their learning with a formal acknowledgement.

After completing The Professional Learning Facilitator program, participants are given the option to achieve Mastery in the system.

Successful candidates are allowed to use the title “PLF <NAME> (Mastery)” in their occupational identification.

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